How do I sign up to volunteer in-person?

By The Hand Clubs have begun to allow some in-person volunteering. Depending on the site, you may sign up to volunteer in-person by going to VolunteerHub and reserving a spot on the day you plan to volunteer. You may simply RSVP for the site by clicking “In-Person Volunteer” and our program staff will know to expect you. Please keep in mind, some sites will have more availability than others.

How do I sign up for a virtual volunteer opportunity?

Once someone is an approved volunteer, you may sign up for volunteer opportunities on our volunteer management system called VolunteerHub. Approved volunteers must create an account at bythehand.volunteerhub.com. Once volunteers have created an account, you may access a drop-down list of general opportunities via the landing page for By the Hand. Virtual volunteers will also work with our programming staff to determine availability and roles for volunteers during club times.

How do I sign into the virtual By The Hand club as a volunteer?

Once a volunteer has been put in touch with programming staff, our site staff will provide you with a link to the secure and private video call via email.

What software does By The Hand use to host virtual clubs?

By The Hand uses Zoom as the primary method to host virtual clubs. Other systems may be used under the discretion of programming staff.

What is the best device to use for peak visual and audio functionality?

We recommend volunteers use a laptop or desktop computer for the best visual and audio functionality. Cell phones and mini devices, such as iPads, are possible; however, they may be more difficult to use for peak engagement with students.

What roles may I have as a virtual volunteer?

Virtual volunteers may participate in many of the same roles we had during in-person clubs, including: academic assistance, literacy support, extracurricular activities, spiritual development and encouragement, mentorship, and virtual classroom management. However, working under the direction of our programming staff, volunteers may perform these tasks differently due to the restrictions and benefits technology provides. Please communicate with programming staff about ways you may use technology to volunteer in unique ways.

Will I be able to volunteer one-on-one with a student?

By the Hand has created a remote learning policy for students, families, staff, and volunteers. We recommend all volunteer communication occur during the group sessions programming staff holds on video conferencing services, or through break-out rooms provided on a call.

Am I required to volunteer the entire club duration?

No, volunteers are not required to participate the entire club duration. You may volunteer for as much time as you have available, or would like to provide.

How frequently may I volunteer?

You may volunteer as frequently as you choose. Please communicate with programming staff in regard to how frequently they may require volunteers. For reference, you may check the schedules for each site listed here.

How do I report my volunteer hours?

Approved volunteers may use VolunteerHub to report their hours. Simply sign up for volunteer opportunities, click on the “my hours” tab on your profile page, and click on “record hours”. You may then enter as many hours as you participated. This information is crucial for By The Hand to recognize and celebrate the participation of our incredible volunteer community.

Are there opportunities to volunteer outside of virtual volunteering?

Yes! There are many other ways you may volunteer with By The Hand, some as simple as writing letters of encouragement for our students, or providing a care package for a family in need. Please see our information on this page for more suggestions, or please reach out to us with your ideas. Please communicate with us at volunteer@bythehand.org.

If I have further questions, who may I contact?

Please reach out to the By The Hand Volunteer Department at volunteer@bythehand.org if you have any questions or concerns.